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Our Services

JEC offers a variety of environmental services, including:

  • Basic Assessment Applications;
  • Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Applications;
  • Public Participation Processes;
  • Environmental Management Programmes (EMPrs);
  • Waste Management License Applications;
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Reporting;
  • Environmental Training of Construction Workforces;
  • Environmental Advice (Professional Opinion, Peer Review, Advice on EIA Regulations);
  • Environmental Planning and Feasibility Assessments;
  • Permit Applications (Proclamation of Protected Areas, Air Permits, Water Use Licenses, Timber Permits, Protected Tree Permits);
  • Ecological Assessments (Vegetation, Fauna Studies); and
  • Rehabilitation Plans and on-site Rehabilitation (Erosion Control, Alien Plant Control, Re-Vegetation).

Specialist Associations

JEC has strong associations with a number of other specialist consultants, and we are therefore able to provide a full suite of specialist services, tailor-made to your specific development and site. Such services include:

  • Water Quality Analysis;
  • Wetland Delineation and Functional Assessments;
  • Geotechnical Assessments;
  • Cultural Heritage Impact Assessments;
  • Biodiversity Assessments (Fauna and Flora);
  • Air Quality Assessments;
  • Noise Impact Assessments;
  • Traffic Impact Assessments;
  • Social and Economic Impact Assessments;
  • Agricultural Feasibility Studies and Soil Surveys;
  • Hydrological Assessments and Borehole Drawdown Tests; and
  • Water Use Modelling and Catchment Management.